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All Web Solutions Include

Plans Include

WooPixel designs and develops a custom website that is catered to your specific needs, including a design that matches your taste and style. We take all the guess work out of seeing your vision come to life. You will be assigned a developer who is personally in charge of your website.

Website Design

We offer over 1,200 layouts to be used as visual springboards of thoughts and ideas. We then take those design ideas and create a custom design to visualize your corporate’s identity.

Online Store

Our Commerce is one of the best and most robust in the industry which includes: unlimited amount of products to sell, you can sell regular products, digital downloadable products, software with licenses, membership and monthly subscriptions with numerous shipping and gateway solutions.


We have teamed up with the best in the business when it comes to SEO. Every plan receives the Yoast SEO plugin, all installed, configured and setup just for you.

Email marketing

We offer over 20 email marketing provider integrations 

Social Media marketing

We help increase your online presence using Social Media Marketing by providing and connecting Email Marketing along with Social Media platforms.

Services Included

Our Service Plan comes standard with all of our plans. We include one of the fastest hosting services in the industry and personally setup, monitor and maintain all your hosting needs: SSL certificate setup, optimize, update and monitor server configurations, state of the art security, plus much more.

VPS Hosting

We use Cpanel, and have one of the fastest hosting services in the industry. 

Fully Managed HostinG

We give you the white glove treatment with managed hosting services that only high-end companies receive. DNS setup, Domain name setup, SSL Certificate setup, security services (anti-virus, scanning), patching services, Rapid response to any monitoring alerts, data center and or network issues.

Maintenance & Updates

You receive a worry free peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of every aspect of your website. Once the website is complete we take care of making sure it is always up to date and functioning correctly. We update and install all plugins and WordPress updates. Our goal is to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest products and services, without charging you any extra. We never update anything until we have tested it and made sure it is compatible with your own personal website. We can give you personal tutorials on all our installed plugins, extensions and apps that are all specific to your personal site.


Woopixel provides your site with an SSL certificate along with Malware scanning, Brute force protection and a built in software firewall. 

CDN SErvices

With our high performance Content Delivery Network (CDN), your website will be delivered from all over the world at lightning speeds. Woopixel stores your most recently and frequently requested content in locations close to where the content is being demanded. That way content can be delivered to end users more quickly and reliably, for a superior end user experience and more efficient operations.